Date of running:
6-9 February 2008
Pavilion 1, Hall 4

9 February, 2007 (Friday, 18:08)

Civil Aviation Day

Honoring ceremony of the civil aviation veterans devoted to the Civil Aviation Day took place February 9 within the frames of the exhibition Aviation Fuels Supply-2007.

7 February, 2007 (Wednesday, 13:44)

Opening of the exhibition Aviation Fuels Supply-2007

The International Specialized exhibition Aviation Fuels Supply-2007 was inaugurated February 07 at Crocus Expo IEC.

22 December, 2006 (Friday, 15:27)

Participants of the exhibition Aviation Fuels Supply 2007

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
In the section Exhibitors you may see the list of exhibitors of the International exhibition Aviation Fuels Supply 2007.

13 December, 2006 (Wednesday, 19:11)

Exhibition Aviation Fuels Supply 2007

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Let us call your attention to a new launch of Crocus Expo IEC International Specialized exhibition Aviation Fuels Supply 2007!


7 August, 2007 (Tuesday, 11:38)

Opening of the exhibition Moscow Region Construction Week - 2007

The International Inter-branch exhibition Moscow Region Construction Week 2007 was inaugurated August 07 in Crocus Expo IEC. The organizer of the event is MosOblExpoStroy.
Detailed information

For getting more detailed information and participation please contact the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre department of exhibitions by phones: +7(095) 727-2582 or by e-mail:

Rambler's Top100

International Specialized exhibition

RosAviaExpo Civil Aviation of the Russian Federation 85 years

February 6 through 9, 2008

Dear Sirs !

Crocus Expo IEC has the honour to invite you to participation in the 4th International Specialized exhibition RosAviaExpo 2008 which is dedicated to the 85 th anniversary of the Civil Aviation of the Russian Federation .

The exhibition will be hosted by the biggest and best venue to accommodate international level events Crocus Expo IEC which has already gained the reputation of the most comfortable and modern fairgrounds of the country.

The event was supported by the Federal Agency for Air Transport of the Minister for Transport of the Russian Federation, Federal Supervision Service for Air Transport of the Minister for Transport of the Russian Federation, Rosaeronavigatsia (Federal Air-navigation Service), Veterans Club of Heads of Civil Aviation (Club OPYT), Air Transport Operators Association (RATOA), All-Russia Trade Union of Aviation Employees, Civil Aviation Association Aeroport, Fund Civil Aviation Partner, Intergovernmental Aviation Committee and International Association of the top managers of aviation enterprises (IAMAE).

The principal goal of the exhibition RosAviaExpo 2008 is to strengthen cooperation in the sector, develop ties between government agencies of civil aviation and companies of the branch. The timing of the exhibition contributes to traffic summary of the last year and determination of prospects. Thus one of the key events run within the exhibition will be branch meeting of the top managers and press conference.

The business program of the exhibition is traditionally topical and saturated: the Conference halls will host round tables and presentations providing specialists with an opportunity to communicate and exchange their experience, as well as stated meeting of the Committee on combustive and lubricating materials of Civil Aviation Association Aeroport.

Traditionally free expositions will be granted to all educational institutes related to civil aviation.

More than 100 companies from various regions of Russia and from abroad ( Germany , Great Britain , Finland and Ukraine ) participated at the exhibition RosAviaExpo 2006. We anticipate the number of RosAviaExpo 2008 exhibitors to increase noticeably.

The show will provide the perfect platform from which to evaluate market trends and establish long lasting and commercially profitable partnerships because Russia offers one of the greatest strategic opportunities for sales growth. Thus we can state with confidence the increase of foreign expositions.

The exhibition will be covered by central, regional and professional Mass Media.

Your company participation in the event will not only contribute to your business development but you will gain high visibility to make a big impact on your target sector. Don't miss the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and benefit from additional exposure in your target market. Besides you'll have a nice opportunity to celebrate the 85 th anniversary of Civil Aviation of our country!

Organization Committee

RosAviaExpo 2008

Phone : +7 (495) 223 4210


RosAviaExpo 2008 | Pavilion 1, Hall 4 | +7(495)223-42-10
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