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  • Regulations on preparation and holding of the 85th anniversary Civil Aviation of the Russian Federation celebration
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The Ministry for Transport of the Russian Federation

The Federal Agency for Air Transport

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The Civil Aviation Association Aeroport

Veterans Club of Heads of Civil Aviation (Club OPYT)


9 February, 2007 (Friday, 18:08)

Civil Aviation Day

Honoring ceremony of the civil aviation veterans devoted to the Civil Aviation Day took place February 9 within the frames of the exhibition Aviation Fuels Supply-2007.

7 February, 2007 (Wednesday, 13:44)

Opening of the exhibition Aviation Fuels Supply-2007

The International Specialized exhibition Aviation Fuels Supply-2007 was inaugurated February 07 at Crocus Expo IEC.


4 December, 2007 (Tuesday, 13:31)

Opening of the exhibitions organized by ITE

The 10th Moscow International exhibition Ingredients Russia and the 2nd Moscow International exhibition for Packaging & Processing of Raw Materials for Food Industry Technofood’2007 were inaugurated December 4 at Crocus Expo IEC. The organizer of the events is ITE company.
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4 December, 2007 (Tuesday, 13:30)

Opening of the exhibition Woodex’2007

The 9th annual International specialized exhibition for timber products, machinery, equipment and materials for the timber, pulp and paper and woodworking industries Woodex’2007 was inaugurated December 4 at Crocus Expo IEC. The organizers of the event is exhibition holding MVK.
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27 November, 2007 (Tuesday, 13:01)

Opening of the exhibition ZhKH Industry

The International Specialized exhibition ZhKH Industry was inaugurated November 27 at Crocus Expo IEC. The organizer of the event is Inter-regional Business Centre.
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Exhibition catalogue of participants

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Omsk Flying Techical College of Civil Aviation named for A.V. Lyapidevsky

Adress:Aviarogodok, 25A Flying-Technical College of Civil Aviation
Description:The college trains and graduates diplomaed aviation specialists: 1)In maintenance of: - Aviation and radioelectronic equipment. Types of aircraft: Tu-154 (B, M), An-74, Il-76, An-3, Mi-8 (T, MTV, AMT), Mi-171, Ka-32 (T, A,S); - Aircraft airframe and engines. Types of aircraft: Tu-154 (B, M), An-3, Mi-8 (T, MTV, AMT), Mi-171, Ka-32 (T, A,S); - Radioelectronic air traffic control systems. 2) In flying exploitation of aircraft (pilots of the helicopter Mi-8). The college has in its structure a certificated training centre in retraining and im-provement of aviation specialists on the above mentioned directions and also re-training of pilots and flight mechanics of helicopters Mi-8 (T, MTV, AMT), Mi-171, Ka-32 (T, A, S) and of the airplane An-3.
Telefon:55–21–06, 55–23-84

Exhibition management: +7 (495) 223-42-10 | Organizer: Crocus Expo IEC
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