31 January, 2006 (Tuesday, 12:54)

Contest of Boarding editions of Russian airlines New wings

The giving of applications for participation in the contest of boarding editions of Russias airlines New wings has ended. The results of the contest will be announced on February 9, 2006 during the aviation exhibition RosAviaExpo.

7 December, 2005 (Wednesday, 18:14)


Organization committee of the RosAviaExpo exhibition heartily congratulates the civil aviation employees with the professional feast International day of civil aviation (December 7)!

1 December, 2005 (Thirsday, 12:50)

Master-class "Exhibition: using instruction"

On November 24 during the preparation to the Third International specialized exhibition "RosAviaExpo 2006" in the IEC Crocus Expo first pavilion took place a master-class on effective participation in exhibitions "Exhibition: using instruction".

11 November, 2005 (Friday, 11:31)

How to Participate in Exhibitions Effectively

On November 24, 2005 a master class for RosAviaExpo exhibitors will be held at Crocus Expo. The subject of the master class is How to Participate in Exhibitions Effectively. The specialists of the exhibition center will tell how to make your participation in an exhibition maximum effective for your company. If you want to attend the event, please, contact us by phone +7 (095) 727-25-82 / -97 or by e-mail:

24 August, 2005 (Wednesday, 16:09)

Infirmation partner of the "RosAviaExpo 2006" exhibition

Information and analitical portal "AviaPort.Ru - aviation from first hands", leading industrial aviation resource, traditionaly will be an Information partner of the RosAviaExpo-2006 exhibition. Exhibitors will be presented with a free package of advertising and information services.


4 April, 2006 (Tuesday, 11:11)

Opening of the Mosbuild exhibition

On April 4 in IEC Crocus Expo took place an opening of the Russias largest construction and interior exhibition MosBuild (Batimat), organized by the ITE LLC Moscow company.
Detailed information

For getting more detailed information and participation please contact the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre department of exhibitions by phones: +7(095) 727-2582 or by e-mail:




Rambler's Top100

RosAviaExpo-2006 sections

  • Aircraft construction and engineering, associated hardware;
  • International and regional airports;
  • Airlines;
  • Aviation service agencies and information technologies;
  • Charter transportation organization;
  • Cargo transportation services;
  • Aircraft maintenance and repair;
  • Construction and design of airfields and airports;
  • On-board and ground handling for airlines and airports;
  • Communication, navigation and air traffic control;
  • Cargo and passenger terminals equipment;
  • Aircraft interiors;
  • Fuels and lubricants;
  • Transport logistics;
  • Investment, insurance, and consulting companies;
  • Design bureaus, scientific-research institutes;
  • Electric and lighting facilities;
  • Security systems;
  • Fire and safety equipment;
  • Aviation tourism;
  • Special clothes and accessories;
  • Training simulators;
  • Aviation sport, aviation as applied to the national economy;
  • Educational institutions;
  • Mass media and Internet resources.

Exhibition management's telephone: +7(495)727-2582 | Pavilion 2, Hall 7

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